DJ A Rock

Born into music, this gifted psychology graduate from Claflin University tackles many duties. The daughter of the owner, she has witnessed the dedication behind curating events for clients. Since her childhood, she has tagged along with Dad learning the ropes of building a successful entertainment company. Now this young lady is well seasoned to assist with all operations of the business. Uriaha is known for her magnetic smile and warm spirit when performing for audiences. You can find her emceeing weddings, singing, playing her saxophone, scheduling DJs, or hanging with her new best friend Simba. My grand dog. This CEO in training can answer all your questions if the owner is not available

DJ Assistant

DJ HeavyW8E is an amazing drummer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. It's no surprise that with all those combined talents he became a DJ. This native New Yorker will do whatever he sets out to achieve. Walking by faith and not by sight, rest assured your friends and family are in good hands.

DJ HeavyW8E

DJ Dynamite is known for his energetic music sets and professional touch at all his events. This husband, the father of two, is dedicated to making sure his audience remains entertained during the musical journey he takes them through with his extensive knowledge of music and one-of-a-kind selection. Blessed with over two decades under his belt. You can expect good vibes with his music direction.

Experience: 20-plus years
DJ Dexter Dynamite

This passionate, purpose-driven United States Marine Corps veteran continues to serve with her keen eye and her undeniable gift of detail. Her ability to capture picture-perfect moments and create content for your weddings, corporate events, or private function, will initiate an internal glow of lasting memories.

Tyeasha aka Ty

DJ Stylz is a veteran of the team. Electrifying nightclubs all over the southeast, Stylz remains in demand in the club scene. Spinning three nights per week in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Stylz is extremely versatile and skilled in catering to audiences of all ages no matter the type of settings

Experience: Over 25 years
DJ Stylz
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